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Pipeline Public Awareness - Damage Prevention

Looking for the right safety book for your Public Awareness for Kids Program?

Here it is!!

Fun story - Fun coloring pictures

A highly effective safety book for teaching kids how to know what's below and why to Call 811 Before Digging.

The Be Kid Smart on Pipeline Safety book has the following features:

  • choice of size 8 1/2 x 11 or 7 x 8 1/2; 
  • has twenty-three (23) pages of energizing story that is clear about pipeline and underground utilities safety; 
  • is loaded with engaging pictures that shout-out to be colored; 
  • includes four Activity pages that add review to the learning fun!

The Be Kid Smart on Pipeline Safety book has two kid-appealing front covers from which to choose.  Front and back covers are branded with your company logo.  Inside back cover is customized with your emergency number or the 811 shovel.  All reflects your Be Kid Smart on Pipeline Safety book unique to your company's Public Awareness.

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from Jenn, EnLink Midstream ....the books were great. The kids loved them and they were super excited. We were at a pre-school and our main focus was getting them to understand that there are pipes under the ground that you can't see and we mark them with flags and it is important not to pull them up for safety. I think that they actually understood really well and they were excited to share the books with their parents.



  • REACH OUT to Elementary or Intermediate School (Principals) along your ROWs to offer a supply of the Be Kid Smart on Pipeline Safety books for students in one or more grades. Whether the safety book is read at school or home, the Be Kid Smart STICKERS are a great way to stir enthusiasm or as rewards for reading the safety book to family
  •  SEIZE opportunities to talk to kids about Underground Damage Prevention
  • Utilize your company people, INITIATE AND ACCEPT offers to talk to kids at schools, Safety Days, libraries or local events about how to know what's below and when to Call 811
  • When talking to kids make it intentional to include the CHALLENGE for each to share the 811 message with family

 YOUR Company has the people that know best their communities and the importance of Calling 811.  They are your finest means for your Kids Public Awareness outreach to be dynamic!

For more ideas on presenting Public Awareness to Kids click on the Ease-of-Use picture below.

Kids learn quickly when the lesson is clear.  Be Kid Smart on Pipeline Safety story is fun with the crystal clear message of when and why to Call 811 Before Digging.

Be Kid Smart on Pipeline Safety is a safety story coloring book customized with YOUR company logo.  Be Kid Smart resources engage and heighten the challenge for kids to share what they know.  Easy and highly effective.  

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Ease of Use

Ease of Use

Young students are eager and excited about hearing, seeing, doing and showing.

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    Be Kid Smart on Pipeline Safety is your company's easiest economical resource to effectively educate kids on pipeline safety. These fun safety books make learning about pipelines virtually effortless. Be Kid Smart on Pipeline Safety is straightforward and simple for both the kids and your company's pipeline public awareness program.

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